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Both indoor and outdoor boarding are available at Clover Hill Stables. 
Horses are pastured  during the summer.  
Winter quarter sheds are available for outdoor horses. Indoor horses are turned outside for 10 to 12 hours  daily in secure paddocks allowing them to get adequate exercise on a regular basis. 
Regular turnout is a must to ensure a horses' mental and physical health

[Test image] width=                                                    Part Boarding

 A popular activity at Clover Hill Stables is the part-boarding program. In this program, riders are able  to ride a number of different horses on a three times per week basis. This program is available to  riders when they reach an acceptable level of riding and horsemanship. Combined with a weekly  lesson, part boarding allows riders to develop their riding skills at their own pace using a variety of  horses.

[Test image] width=                                                      Showing

 Riders from Clover Hill Stables compete at local summer and winter shows.
 Many of the riders at Clover Hill have gone on to compete in jumping competitions throughout  Ontario. Their stong riding base allows them to progress to the higher levels.
 Shows are held at the stable in the summer and many of the students participate at local shows on  Clover Hill horses. Some of the more advanced riders compete at the Trillium and A Circuit level and on the Florida circuit.


  From April to November, team roping and breakaway roping practises are held every Wednesday      evening and Sunday afternoon. Many of the participants are competitors at many rodeos in Ontario    and the northern United States. Several of Ontario's leading High School rodeo competitors practice  here on a regular basis. Also Jackpots are held throughout the summer. The roping practices are  geared for rank beginners to advanced ropers. Many of the  ropers compete at rodeos, ropings throughout Ontario and in Florida.

[Test image] width=                                                      Musical Ride

 Every Tuesday night from April until October, a musical ride practice is held at Clover Hill. This  weekly activity includes most of the horses stabled at Clover Hill as well as some ship-ins. The 24  riders taking part in the musical ride are from 11 years of age up to people in their 60's.
 This social evening prepares the horses and riders for the family day held in the fall.
 On this day in October, family members and friends come to watch the intricate manovers carried out on horseback. It is a favorite  with young and old.
 Also on this day we hold the crowd-pleasing Wild Steer race.

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                                                 Wild Steer Race

 This exciting event is held once yearly at the Family Day in October at Clover Hill Stables.
 Several steers are released in the arena at one time and teams composed of three riders attempt to  saddle and ride a steer over the finish line. It is an event full of thrills, spills and lots of action. A real crowd pleaser!

                                               Hot Heels Roping

  On Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons in the winter months, a roping practice on Hot Heels   is held. Hot Heels, a mechanical steer that can be roped by the head or by the heels and is great  practice for everyone. New ropers or young horses can be introduced to roping with Hot Heels and he  is a great training aid for seasoned horses that just need to be let down after a busy summer of competition.

[Test image] width=                                                  Trail Riding

Trail riding is always popular at Clover Hill. There are permanant trails, with some cross country  obstacles, on the farm and many scenic riding areas nearby.


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